GOT Leaks?

This got to a point where it’s not funny anymore. I woke up late today. I have a habit of checking my notifications first thing in the morning. Swiped my phone to find out people watching GOT. It’s Wednesday where I live, so it had to be a leak. Wasn’t surprised though, already happened once this season.

I like to follow a ritual whenever a new episode of any TV show comes out. It includes going through subreddits, watching Youtube videos of people theorizing what might happen in the next episode, waiting a whole week and finally sitting with a bowl of chips on Monday with all the lights in my room turned off. And I look forward to this all week.

Now if you people leak stuff and you are just screwing with my ritual. Folks at Facebook makes this doubly hard. Okay! We get it, you are good at downloading pirated stuff online. This doesn’t make you Euron Fucking Greyjoy!

I watched the episode that was leaked earlier this season. I’m not proud of it. And to be honest, I didn’t enjoy it either. It was an epic episode meant to be watched in 1080p; Not in a mere 360p. HBO usually uploads a preview of the next episode and inside the episode, explaining the episode in a short 4-5 minute video, ¬†shortly after the episode airs. When you watch the leaked stuff you are deprived of that too. And there’s no one to talk about the episode – which sucks!


Ubuntu is overrated!

Some of my friends wont shut up about Ubuntu and goes on about how much they hate Windows. I occasionally make websites using Laravel and for my web scraping needs I use scrapy. While scrapy runs well on Ubuntu installing Laravel on Ubuntu has been strenuous. I ran more than 4 different commands to make my machine Laravel install-able. Once that’s done, I had to scour through Laravel forums to find solution as to why it won’t migrate Models. Operations which otherwise would run smooth on Windows machine without running any lousy commands.

All these within the first few days of using Ubuntu. And now Ubuntu Software Center won’t run.

I’m done.

Binge Watching TV Shows and Eating

They go hand in hand. It’s really annoying you start gaining weight after losing almost seventy pounds (yeah I was really fat). I binged watched TV shows before but the mindless eating is a new addition. A friend recommended that I watch the TV shows, “Friends”. Finished watching the TV show in less 3 months (all 10 seasons) and regained 10 pounds in the process.

You seem to forgot everything about the world when you eat and stare at the screen. There is something awfully addictive about it. And whats worse is that I can’t control my impulses whens this is happening. I’ve been struggling with it for some time now. So I decided eat popcorn now instead of any other calorie rich food.

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