Facebook User Groups API

This is the first time I’m looking around Facebook’s API. This is because, I’m trying to keep off Facebook and my University mates keeps creating Facebook groups to discuss and share course materials. There’s two ways around it, one was to tell them not to do that and create a Facebook Messenger group instead, which now has full featured file and photo sharing options. Another was to check my email for group notifications then login to Facebook to check for any updates. This cuts the time I spend scrolling through useless narcissistic posts in my news feed.

Neither was working.

Writing a script, though, to fetch the Facebook Group data for me, using the Facebook API, can do the trick. After looking around for hours I found it you actually can’t do this if you are not the admin of the group. Which is actually a deal breaker cause I’m not the one creating and managing the groups, often times teacher’s assistants are in charge of that.

If you are looking to automate a few tasks for the groups you manage, you might be looking for this.