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Ubuntu is overrated!

Some of my friends wont shut up about Ubuntu and goes on about how much they hate Windows. I occasionally make websites using Laravel and for my web scraping needs I use scrapy. While scrapy runs well on Ubuntu installing Laravel on Ubuntu has been strenuous. I ran more than 4 different commands to make my machine Laravel install-able. Once that’s done, I had to scour through Laravel forums to find solution as to why it won’t migrate Models. Operations which otherwise would run smooth on Windows machine without running any lousy commands.

All these within the first few days of using Ubuntu. And now Ubuntu Software Center won’t run.

I’m done.

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Binge Watching TV Shows and Eating

They go hand in hand. It’s really annoying you start gaining weight after losing almost seventy pounds (yeah I was really fat). I binged watched TV shows before but the mindless eating is a new addition. A friend recommended that I watch the TV shows, “Friends”. Finished watching the TV show in less 3 months (all 10 seasons) and regained 10 pounds in the process.

You seem to forgot everything about the world when you eat and stare at the screen. There is something awfully addictive about it. And whats worse is that I can’t control my impulses whens this is happening. I’ve been struggling with it for some time now. So I decided eat popcorn now instead of any other calorie rich food.

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Wrong Turns

Just started my high school. It was in 2006. My mother was worried about my results so she found me a tutor. He was to teach me Math and Science. My new tutors place wasn’t that far from where we lived.

First day mother came with me to the tutors place. I didn’t know, by then, that she was not going to come with me the next day. Long story short, the following day I got lost on my way to the tutor’s place.

The neighborhood was different than ours. There were all types of houses there, from tin-shed to high rising buildings. The way the house number, road number and blocked numbers were sorted, freaked me out. It wasn’t straightforward. For example you are in Block C road number 5 then you take you a few turns here are there and you are suddenly in Block B road number 4.

I strolled through the neighborhood for half an hour. I had mixed feelings. Scared, frustrated, was a bit excited about not having to attend that days class, fear of being too late in the very second day, if I suddenly find the place.

Then I saw a guy I meet the other day at the tutor place, walking there. It was such a relief.

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