Living without my laptop

Writing this on my tablet using WordPress android app. With two fingers, not getting the type of rhythm I usually get with a keyboard. My Lenovo Ice Cream Sandwich tablet is making a irritating buzzing noise every time I’m hitting a word. WordPress app crashed once hope it doesn’t do so again until I finish writing.

My laptops been heating up a lot lately. Online articles suggested that I clean up the dust around cooling fan vents. Went to a nearby servicing shop, the technician cleaned it up and said its not just the dust, the fan is dying.

Laptop OVER HITS!!

Took it to a well known servicing center, in my area, this time to change the fan. They gave me this piece of paper and told me came back in 4 days. There is a saying you that never realize the value of something until its gone. Never knew I was so attached to my laptop LOL. It felt really bad when I handed it over to the servicing center.

Was thinking on the way home, what am I going to do in the next 4 days?