Last year I decided I will get a Bachelor’s degree in CSE, after I’m done with my A levels. So it seemed a good idea to go through some of Codecademy’s beginner courses. It didn’t take me long to finish their Javascript, Python and HTML/CSS course. It was really fun, I was hooked up.

After finishing their courses I was a bit lost as to what I will do next. How do I apply my newly found knowledge in the real world?

The Advanced Javascript coders there (in Codecademy) suggested that I go read the book, “Eloquent Javascript”.

After that I got ridiculously busy with my A levels and couldn’t manage the time to go through the book.

Logged in on Codecademy after a 7-8 months. They changed their interface a bit (also their logo). On my profile it read, “Last coded over a year ago”.

A level exams ended last month. Trying to get into a college. Admission test is at the end of this month. Wish me luck!


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Human life cycle


Saw the first set of photo and added the last two, myself. You can say, “that escalated quickly” but it’s actually the reality.