83 million (8.7%) Facebook accounts are fake.

Are you surprised?

I’m not! I think everyone on Facebook at one point or another created a fake account. I expected a much larger figure.

Out of all these 8.7% Fakes.

4.8% are duplicates, which means
an account which a user maintains in
addition to his/her duplicate account.

2.4% are user-misclassified, that is users who have created personal profiles for a business, organisation, or non-human entity such as a pet.

And 1.5% Undesirable, i.e account with fake names used for spamming which violates Facebook’s terms and uses. (All the statistics are taken from Mashable)

And among these 83 million, I contributed almost 7-8 accounts and none them are active now. No! not banned by Facebook but where deactivated over time.

So, did you contribute in this 83 million? 😉