With the Football World Cup going on. I don’t thing many will bother about this match. But for a die hard cricket fan watching cricket legends play again, means a lot. Read this to know more about the Marylebone Cricket Club vs Rest of the World XI match.

As a Bangladeshi, I’m really concerned about Tamim’s form. I’m pasting Mohammad Isam’s words. He is EspnCricinfo’s Bangladesh correspondent. He wrote this on article on June 12th.

The Bangladesh opener has now played 13 innings in 2014, averaging 12.53 and has not made more than 31 in any of them.His last fifty came in the second ODI against New Zealand last October. He was just as poor in the World T20 at home, scoring just 83 runs from seven innings; a fruitless run which eventually led to his place in the line-up being questioned at least once.

Five years ago when he went through 25 innings without scoring a fifty, there were very few people who doubted Tamim’s ability. A comeback was not anticipated as he kept giving good starts with the bat, enough to keep everyone satisfied.  – source

It was written prior to the India series, and unfortunately he couldn’t make a come back in that series either.

Who will you be supporting? I’m not sure yet, both team has my favorite players. I think I will just sit there and enjoy the action 😛



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