Wrong Turns

Just started my high school. It was in 2006. My mother was worried about my results so she found me a tutor. He was to teach me Math and Science. My new tutors place wasn’t that far from where we lived.

First day mother came with me to the tutors place. I didn’t know, by then, that she was not going to come with me the next day. Long story short, the following day I got lost on my way to the tutor’s place.

The neighborhood was different than ours. There were all types of houses there, from tin-shed to high rising buildings. The way the house number, road number and blocked numbers were sorted, freaked me out. It wasn’t straightforward. For example you are in Block C road number 5 then you take you a few turns here are there and you are suddenly in Block B road number 4.

I strolled through the neighborhood for half an hour. I had mixed feelings. Scared, frustrated, was a bit excited about not having to attend that days class, fear of being too late in the very second day, if I suddenly find the place.

Then I saw a guy I meet the other day at the tutor place, walking there. It was such a relief.

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