Where I live it’s summer all over the year. 12 degrees is the coldest it gets here in the part of the world during December and January. Summer is gone it’s rainy season here (28-34 degress). It rained almost everyday last week.

It gets 35-40 degrees in summer which lasts for 2 months. As for the smell, mosquitoes are there of course so my list would definitely include the spell of mosquito coils and aerosols.

Even though I don’t like mangoes and it’s smell they are everywhere here in this part of the year. Air conditioned grocery shops smell like mangoes. And oh yeah there are Jackfruits – it really doesn’t smell good.

Finals start. Overdose of coffee/Tea. Does that smell count?

The last few paragraphs weren’t that interesting to read. It’s simply because summer isn’t considered something special in this part of the world. What is the considered special is the winter season. I can write a lot more about smells I associate with winter. Sadly that isn’t today’s prompt.


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