Jorah, Sansa & Tyrion’s trail Game of thrones S3E8 (contains spoilers)

Waited two weeks for this episode. After watching it I kind of feel bad now (specially for prince Oberyn). During last episode I was wondering what will actually happen to Jorah Mormont if Daenerys finds out he once spied on her. Got the answer in the episode and didn’t expect something as harsh. Given that he changed.

Sansa is slowly learning to play the game of thrones. 😛

Main attraction of the Episode Tyrion’s trail. Got a few spoilers here and there online. But I really wanted to see something different on TV. Now it’s time to see what happens to Tyrion.

And Wildings are closing in and are coming toward Castle black. Jon Snow makes it clear. And episode 9 promo shows the Night’s watch meets the Wildings in the field.




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