Writing Space – Ideal environment for creativity.

Yesterday I was whining about not having my laptop and how troublesome it is to post on WordPress via mobile (or android apps). As for today’s prompt,

“Where do you produce your best writing — at your desk, on your phone, at a noisy café? Tell us how the environment affects your creativity.”

Producing my best writing on a phone/tablet – definitely not. Noisy café? Never tried to write in such a place but I know I will not like it. I hate the idea of people looking at my laptop/desktop screen when I’m writing.

My Laptop’s in a servicing center since Thursday and don’t think will be getting it within Monday. So had to write the last two posts in this blog on my tablet. I couldn’t even write more than 150 words. It took me forever to write those 150 words.

For me the ideal environment for creativity is-

– In my bed room, where nobody’s watching me write.
– My favorite online writing app – writer.bighugelabs.com (distraction free and I like the interface)

Writing this on my cousins desktop better than a tablet of course but would have liked a bit more privacy.

If you are reading this now most probably you have clicked on a random pingback on the comments section of The Daily Post.Thanks for dropping by.



Living without my laptop

Writing this on my tablet using WordPress android app. With two fingers, not getting the type of rhythm I usually get with a keyboard. My Lenovo Ice Cream Sandwich tablet is making a irritating buzzing noise every time I’m hitting a word. WordPress app crashed once hope it doesn’t do so again until I finish writing.

My laptops been heating up a lot lately. Online articles suggested that I clean up the dust around cooling fan vents. Went to a nearby servicing shop, the technician cleaned it up and said its not just the dust, the fan is dying.

Laptop OVER HITS!!

Took it to a well known servicing center, in my area, this time to change the fan. They gave me this piece of paper and told me came back in 4 days. There is a saying you that never realize the value of something until its gone. Never knew I was so attached to my laptop LOL. It felt really bad when I handed it over to the servicing center.

Was thinking on the way home, what am I going to do in the next 4 days?

More Foods sorted by Calories

You are hungry and you are in a rush. You won’t be thinking about daily calorie intake now will you? You will get anything you find nearby.

Vending machine manufacturers could add some tweaks. Tweaks that can help people to stay within their daily calorie intake. Relying on MyfitnessPal.com‘s mobile phone app to find out their calories is troublesome. Sometimes may not find information about the food you are looking for.

Vending machines should be able to offer a range of foods. Popular ones at least. Categories should include “Breakfast”, “Lunch”, “Snacks”. Once you press one of these. You will given a list of foods. These foods can be further sorted out by calories. A prompt to ask you, “Food under _____ calories”. You put in your desired value and the list gets filtered further.

In reply to a Prompt