Human life cycle


Saw the first set of photo and added the last two, myself. You can say, “that escalated quickly” but it’s actually the reality.


Amazing community here at WordPress!

I’m with the WordPress community for seven months now. I’m not an active blogger, I do it in a “jest” – jotting down thoughts as they come. I’ve got the chance to interact with some bloggers in the comments. And I must say people here are much gentle, polite and calm minded than any other social networking sites.

The comments sections can be or is the best example. My blog is only a few months old and I don’t receive much comments but on visiting other blogs (within WordPress) I find a spectacular display of how politely arguments can be presented and healthy discussions can be had. Unlike other social media platforms where people argue for the sake of argument and in the end curses, insults and oh yeah let me “block” you.

Just found this funny!