Bill Gates says his portrayal in “Pirates of Silicon Valley” was reasonably accurate.

I knew there a movie like “The Social Network” which describes the tales of  the big guns Apple.Inc and “I watched some parts of it but it wasn’t as popular as The Social Network”, my sister said. I didn’t have any intentions to watch the movie mainly because it was a bit old. Why watch the old (it came out in 1999 as far as I know) when “The Jobs Movie” is coming out this year? As the name suggests the new movie is about Steve Jobs.

Bill Gates did an AMA in Reddit a few days back. So while scrolling through question and answers I found a question with an interesting answer.


The screenshot is taken from Bill Gates’s blog, where he published an assembled version of his AMA.

The portrayal is reasonably accurate!! So I watched the movie the following day.

A scene in "The Pirates of Silicon Valley"
A scene from the “Pirates of Silicon Valley”

The movie is 95 minutes long and gives vivid details of how both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started things off. How they met and their relationship at times. The movie is worth watching.

However the movie doesn’t go into much details about Steve Jobs’s life after he got fired from Apple, how he started NeXT and again came back. “The Jobs Movie” will hopefully show us more. Here’s the first official trailer of the movie found on it’s Facebook page.