Learning to drive a car


Turned the staring wheel to the right and pushed the accelerator to take a side turn and all of a sudden I crashed into a lamp post! And before I could realize anything the person who was teaching me how to drive came running from the other side of the road, dumbfounded and awestruck. He quickly got inside and parked the car by the road side. That was when I saw that I made a terrible mess in the front side.

It was in June 2008, I laid my hands in a staring wheel for the first time in my life and it was a terrible start. I stayed away from the staring wheels for the next 5-6 months.

But things went really well the next time. From then on for the next 1 year, I took driving lessons on weekends for 1-2 hours. There were no crashes/accidents except for one or two occasions (which wasn’t anything serious either).

Yeah I’m a really good driver now!

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10 thoughts on “Learning to drive a car

  1. When I first was learning how to drive, around seven years ago I think, on my third driving session I backed the car into a pole and completely destroyed the back side. After that I quit, and didn’t start driving again till years after. It happens to almost all of us ;).

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