Procrastinating – a short story

It was April 2012, I hurried out from my Physics class to attend statistics-1, which takes about 15-20 minutes to reach from where I was. I got into the class and sat beside my friend in the front row. The class was almost coming to an end and students who finished their class work early, left. Revision class of Chapter 6 was going on. The substitute teacher was explaining something to my friend who sat beside me. “You didn’t study anything, listen you are supposed to revise or study the things that are being done in the class, right? So, when is your exam?” asked the teacher. “January”, we both replied though the teacher directed the question to my friend. “Study now and you will be able rest before the examination” he replied and slowly walked out of the class.

I looked at my friend beside and laughed, “Man, 8 months left!”. January seemed a thousand years away at that moment. I thought I had enough time to finish things well. But now, here I’m in January a day before my exam starts with a lot and lot of things still to do which I’m afraid I could not cover within the short time I have.

“You may delay, but time will not.”
― Benjamin Franklin


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