My Perceptions on December

December Already?

December! My favorite month of the year, there are two things which makes it special. 1) The cold weather 2) it’s when final exams end. But the way I look at it changed from time to time. In the year 2000 and 2001; I was in Bangla Medium school and the final exam ended in the last week of November which was followed by the a month long winter vacation in December and the results were given out at the end of December and gradually we were promoted to the next grade in the next year. Though I hardly remember anything but as far I can remember it was fun.

Year 2004; it was the year when I was shifted to an English Medium School. But in here my final exams ended in the mid of December, yet though we had a month long vacation which ended in the mid of January. But things were tough; I worked really hard in the last week of November to prepare for the final exams. And the panic of the results started right after the exams ended till it was given out. My life was more or less the same till the year 2009.

My IGCSE first sitting exams were on May 2011 then the second sitting was on January 2012. And it was when, on December 2011, again my perceptions on December changed. There were no final exams in this month as result there were no vacation either. But the suspense and the pre-exam tensions now shifted from the last November to the month of December, which was supposed to be a month of Holiday.

Well, as they say, all good things come to an end. This December, it’s no different either. My A-level exam starts from January. Wish me Luck!


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