I’m Posting every week!

I created this blog about three months ago, in August 2012. And I haven’t blogged actively since then and there are only 12 posts in this blog. Last day, some inspiration struck and I decided to start writing again.

I'm part of Post A Week 2012

Grabbed a postaweek badge just now as you can on the sidebar but it says 2012 and there are only 2 weeks left of 2012 (I guess I will have to get another batch in the beginning of next year). It would be tough to post a meaningful post every week but writing is fun and I feel I can do it somehow. And if you are reading my posts and if you like it please try give some feedback either by liking or by posting a comment which would keep my suddenly stricken inspiration going!



2 thoughts on “I’m Posting every week!

  1. I too had high hopes and aspirations when I started my blog. I even signed up for post a day in 2011. I have come to realise that although I write most days, it is not practical for me to post everyday. My goal for 2013 is to do at least one post each week. Let’s hope we can meet our goals – have fun writing and sharing thoughts and ideas with fellow bloggers and viewers.

    Happy Writing.

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