What if I told you, Australia is below Ireland in the ICC T20 ranking.

What if I told you, Australia is below Ireland in the ICC T20 ranking

When I turned on the TV, yesterday, to watch the T20 match between Pakistan and Australia, I saw that the match was about to end. Australia required another 20 runs from 11 balls. After two consecutive fours, it was 12 runs out of 9 balls. I was quite certain that Australia pulled this game out. That moment, I didn’t realize that I was about to see the most thrilling T20 game ever. 

After dot balls then came a run out, it was an amazing throw from the third man and it was  a direct hit.

Then came a moment when Australia needed 7 runs from 2 balls. Abdur Razzaq was bowling the final over. And then came, Cummins’s massive six in the second last ball. The scores are level. 1 run to win from 1 one.

Last ball, Abdul Razzaq to Cummins, comments Cricinfo, OUT, it’s a Superover, it wasn’t the best final ball form Razzaq but it was good enough, a full toss on the pads, Cummins was looking to work that to the leg side, a leading edge that ballons towards mid-off, Imran Nazir and Umar Akmal both went for it, Nazir called for it, Umar backed away, Nazir takes it, Cummins wrings his hands in disappointment.

Super Over

It also didn’t work in favor of Australia. They managed to get 11 runs. Pakistan in response got 12 runs with two fours.


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