Is a premium service now?

I got to know about this amazing site 7-8 months ago and have been using it since then. If you don’t know what it is  then here is a review.

When we signed up for for the first time. It’s home page looked something like this.

Notice the words in red with yellow border, “It’s Free“.

Since Ohlife sends me email regularly at a given time. A month ago, I noticed  another new line with their daily mail. It read something like get Ohlife premium.

   I got curious and logged into the site and saw something like this. $50/year seemed a bit too much especially for a teenager like me. I thought to myself that after 2-3 years there are chances that I may take up a premium service, for the site is great.


Now what’s interesting is that yesterday upon clicking their new “Get Started” button. I saw this,

Hmm what’s striking is that there is no “It’s free” button like it was before. And if I’m reading correctly it says, “Try Ohlife for free for 15 days”. Then what will happen to those who are using it free for more than half a year? 

I think you noticed it already that for new users it’s just $10 per year. And for old users its five times as much ($50 per year)!

I understand that needs to generate revenue. And they choose to do it by offering premium services, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I not complaining. They did what they felt, was good.

I wouldn’t have signed up for their service if I knew that it was going to be premium after a few days. I have more than 150 logs there with a lot of pictures of course! But my question is that, Will my account stay the way it was? 


6 thoughts on “Is a premium service now?

  1. I used it for like a year and then finally gave up. Writing what happened on a given day seemed just a minute’s worth of work, but it was putting me on pressure giving me a feeling that I have to write, I have to write. 😕

  2. I love it too and i’m using it also for a year now, but today i can’t login or even get a new passwort. it’s like the site can’t remember my e-mail. i hope that is only a temporary problem of the site, but i can’t find any info on the internet.
    does anyone know whats wrong?

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