Blue Moon in the night sky.

Hope you’re all enjoying the ‘Blue Moon’! The night’s full moon is a ‘blue moon’ – meaning it’s the second in a month.

I didn’t know anything about the blue moon untill this night my facebook news feed was flooded with such status. I found this picture on a facebook page.

Right now I’m actually lying in my bed and writing this blog. And to be honest I didn’t even see the thing I’m writing about! I don’t know whether it still is visible on the night sky or not but if it is, I don’t really have the energy to drag myself towards the varenda.

But yes by just looking at the picture, I must say it’s really amazing. And it will be visible once again in 2015.


As it happens, I didn’t have to drag myself toward the varenda to see the thing. I got out of my bed and just stared out my window. It truely is MAJESTIC!


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