Finally, I’m on WordPress.

WordPress is freakishly addictive. I first came to this site last year during May, not with the intention of making a personal blog but to check out how WordPress works. I have been a great fan of, not just because of adsense but for it’s simplicity. Simple, clear, customizable themes and no extra cost of using domains names on blogs.

So, After thinking much, I moved to, it too is great. I have been using it for the last two months.

As I mentioned in the very first line that this thing is really addictive. Though using Tumblr, I kept visiting’s home page, and sometimes read the blogs on Freshly Pressed. I created several blogs with WordPress but later I didn’t continue with those.

So, finally I planned to open this blog, naming it “jestpost”. I made this move because most of the blogs I follow are here on WordPress, now it would also be easy for me to find all the blogs and read them in one place. I hope I will blog here regularly. And also hope that you like it.

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